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10 of the Biggest Retirement Planning Mistakes You Need to Avoid

August 23, 2018

Are you beginning to prepare for your retirement?

The average retirement age in America is 61 years old. However, this average is steadily increasing as Americans continue to live longer.

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Everything You Need to Know About an Inherited 401k

August 09, 2018

Receiving an inheritance is often both a blessing and a challenge. It usually comes at a difficult time emotionally--following the death of a loved one. But when the gift is an inherited 401k, you are faced with an additional challenge.


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7 Retirement Planning Tips for Women

July 22, 2018

Most women in the United States retire at the age of 66. But, women face unique hurdles in comparison to men when it comes to retirement.

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Why Florida Residents Need a Hurricane Plan for 2018

July 13, 2018

The Atlantic Hurricane season started on June 1st. Many experts project an activity level of average to above average this season.

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Financial Planner vs. Financial Advisor: What's the Difference?

July 11, 2018

The demand for financial advisors is expected to increase by around 15% in the next decade. It's clear that people continue to see the value in having a professional help them with their family finances.

However, when looking for some help, you have to consider the differences between a financial planner vs. financial advisor. Although there …

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Yanny, Laurel, your Mind, and Money

June 27, 2018

Our mind will play tricks on us if given a chance. We are bombarded by stimuli every day, and our brains often use shortcuts or heuristics to cope with the complexity of our environments. Shortcuts that prove harmless most times may,  when applied to our finances, create unfavorable financial outcomes.  If you've heard the Yanny/Laurel …

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Your How-To Guide on 401k Rollovers

June 01, 2018

If you want to keep your investments safe and organized, a retirement account rollover is critical to that success. After leaving your employer, rolling over your 401k sounds like a simple enough practice, right ?

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8 Unique Financial Planning Concerns for Families with Special Needs

May 24, 2018


It's one of our most precious commodities, isn't it? When you're a parent of a child with special needs, chances are the last thing you have time to do is spend your time researching the right financial decisions to make. Your time is spent tackling the day-to-day commitments of life, work, and home. However, taking the time now to plan …

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How Behavioral Investing Can Impact Your Financial Goals

May 04, 2018

There are up to 188 cognitive biases that impede our ability to make sound decisions. In many scenarios, the effects of our biases may be dismissed as foibles, but there's not much room for needless mistakes in business.

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How To Set Up A Special Needs Trust For Your Child

April 23, 2018


Are you in the midst of financial planning with your child's needs in mind? Here, you'll find out how to set up a special needs trust for your child.

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